Reverend Shine continues to be a “Voice for the People”; noted for his civic interests, Rev. Shine, nonetheless provides a balanced ministry for the church. His activities carry him beyond the realm of the pulpit.


He has been regarded by many of his contemporaries as a perceptive and determined advocate for justice, public education, advocate for ex-offender rights, avid labor supporter and equality for all races.


Reverend Shine believes that as a minister, he has a responsibility to be active in citizenship affairs. His support has been widely sought after by many political figures and others.


Reverend Shine displays a rare balance in his ministry. A strong advocate for missions, a believer in evangelism and an insightful bible teacher, weaving all of these interests together in a complimentary rather than a conflicting way.


Reverend Shine is a graduate of Manna Bible Institute. Took his undergraduate studies at Philadelphia Community College, LaSalle University, The Center for Urban Theological Studies and Antioch University, and holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree.


He is a gifted leader and organizer and a man of vision, with a goal to help equip God’s people to better carry out God’s purpose in the 21st century.